SOLO Bass Trumpet

Welcome to the CMusic Production SOLO Bass Trumpet Library!

The bass trumpet is a type of low trumpet which was first developed during the 1820s in Germany. It is usually pitched in 8′ C or 9′ B♭ today, but is sometimes built in E♭ and is treated as a transposing instrument sounding either an octave, a sixth or a ninth lower than written, depending on the pitch of the instrument. Having valves and the same tubing length, the bass trumpet is quite similar to the valve trombone, although the bass trumpet has a harder, more metallic tone.

  • Trumpet performed by: Dmitriy Vasin
  • Recording & Editing: Vladimir Kuznetsov
  • Programming, Design & Script: Vladimir Kuznetsov
  • © 2020 Cmusic Production, LLC / All Rights Reserved, Cmusic Production®

  • Legato Velocity control
  • 3-x round robin sustain non vibrato for each note (3 layers)
  • 3-x round robin staccato (4 layers)
  • 3-x round robin marcato short (4 layers)
  • 3-x round robin marcato long (4 layers)
  • 2/4 and 4/4 tempo sync swells (120 bpm default, 2 layers)
  • Flutter hot key
  • Slider sustain (3 layers)
  • Fast trills between notes in octave range
  • Mutes: Cup, Harmon and Straight
  • Diminuendo Hot Key length control
  • Humanize function
  • 650 MB on disk, 2 703 samples, 44.1 KHz / 24-bit


  • Native Instruments full retail Kontakt 5.5.2
  • Windows 7 or later, Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 4 GB
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later, Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB
  • 5 GB free disk space
Warning: for full retail Kontakt only (Kontakt Player not supported)!